VASU Ignite ::: Monday & Wednesday @ 5:30 - 6:45p

This energizing power flow stokes your inner fire and can include core work, balancing, arm balancing or even slow holds of traditional postures. 

vasu Tribe

56 Arbor Street, Hartford, CT, 06106

Yoga Studio – Suite 407            
Spa – Suite 419

Front Door Code:   2017*

(860) 993-7912 /

There is plenty of free + secure parking in the lot behind our building. We are inside a large brick building on 56 Arbor street, marked Real Artways. Pull into that gated driveway, and turn all the way into the back of the building past Real Artways. Our entrance is the walkway that says “Books” in a big yellow sign and  “Art Connection, Enter there, and take a right down the hallway for the elevator up. VASU is on the 4th floor.